Friday, March 28, 2014

Skyrunning Canada

For the past few months I've been working closely with the International Skyrunning Federation and Canadian race directors to help bring Skyrunning to Canada through the inaugural SkyRunner Series Canada.

It's a style of running that has been very influential to me and has drastically changed how I interact with mountain environments. It has greatly enriched my life on a physical and emotional/spiritual level. As a proud Canadian, it's a real honour for me to play a part in sharing this style of running with the country as the Director of Skyrunning Canada. Hopefully I can play a small part in changing national perceptions on where races can be held, to help promote Canadian events to an international audience, to work with reliable race directors to develop new ones and change views on what terrain is considered runable.

It's a very exciting time for Skyrunning internationally, with national series in Greece, Russia, Poland, the UK, Spain/Andorra, Italy, the UK, USA, South Africa, Australis/NZ and France, as well as the SkyRunner World Series. Participation is at an all-time high and the brand and vision of this style of running has never been broader.The Executive Director of Skyrunning Lauri van Houten and the Skyrunning team, have done an incredible job at creating a global movement around this unique and aesthetically beautiful form of running.

 Each national series has its own distinctive flair based on topography and culture and that's the same in Canada. While we don't necessarily have the same elevation and altitude in a lot of our venues, we can make up for that with technicality, remoteness, steepness and Canadian spirit.

I'm really excited for the opportunity to showcase some of our amazing mountain venues to a global running audience. I also think your events will benefit immensely from their association with the series. Since this was announced yesterday, this may be old news to some of you, but you can find all the information at the Skyrunning Canada Website.

I would like to thank all the race organizers  and the International Skyrunning Federation for their help. If you feel inspired to put on a Skyrunning race, send me the race information, including race course profile, elevation, number of participants, time of year etc...

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