Monday, March 17, 2014


The crew at FEAT Canada filmed my talk a couple weeks ago. Here are my ramblings for those who could not make it:

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Cory said...

Thank you for this. As a 41 year old family man, it is frustrating at times that I cannot have adventures the way I did when I was in my twenties. But your ideas of not having to take one thing away from another, but rather engaging differently depending on the time and the situation, and that engaging fully benefits all different parts of your life, are really helpful.

I also heard your recent interview on Talk Ultra. Not only was your story of the lightning strike amazing, but I thought the way you described the fact that you almost had an anxiety attack was really important, especially coming from such a high level athlete and adventurer. We should all share our humanness a bit more with each other.

Finally, in that interview, you talked about 'expressing your fitness'. That is a concept I had never heard or thought about before, and I really love it. Why shouldn't athleticism be considered another area of human art? The way we train and the way we compete (if we do) are all expressions of who we are; we put everything out there and we bear our souls to the world. This concept also relieves a bit of the pressure to always improve and perform well, because of course we express ourselves differently depending on what is happening in our lives.
I plan on using this expression a lot from now on, I hope you don't mind!

If you are ever in Japan, I hope we can grab a beer. Until then, I look forward to following your adventures and seeing how you continue to express your fitness.