Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salomon Sense Contest: A true H(i)ro!!!!

I want to start by thanking everyone who shared their stories in the Salomon Sense contest. It was a pleasure to read about other runners in Canada, what you've been up to, what running means to you, as well as where & why you run, so thank you.

Although it was next to impossible to pick a winner, since this was a contest, I decided to go with Jonathan Schmidt, of' post. Although he would have had many of his own great stories to share, in true generous Canadian fashion, he nominated Hiroshige ("Hiro") Watanabe as someone deserving of the shoes. I've had the pleasure of meeting Hiro and I couldn't agree more with "Schmidty." Hiro is not the fastest runner out there, but he has an infectious attitude and love of the sport. He runs multiple challenging ultras every year and does it all with a smile, so congrats Hiro. Enjoy the shoes and keep inspiring!

 Here is the post in Jonathan Schmidt's own words:  

Schmidty said...
 Instead of promoting my own story I'm going to throw my support behind Hiroshige Watanbe's comment and hope he wins. As the editor for I did a story on Hiro awhile back ( Later I met him and his parents who came from Japan at the Lost Soul 2011. He's the nicest guy you'll meet on and off the trails and he's so inspiring for many runners. He competes in multiple 100 mile races each year with 'shorter' races (50k,100k) done in between the 100 milers. I can verify that he has finished 46 ultras and most, as I say in the article, with a giant smile. He's well known in the Alberta running community for his kindness and perseverance. And out of anyone he can probably use a new pair of shoes (or two). ~Jonathan Schmidt, August 30, 2012 1:30 PM

I also want to give a special mention to Andrew Casey. Unfortunately, I only have one pair of shoes to give away, but I found his post pretty damn funny and especially Canadian. So although it's a sad consolation, thanks for the laugh and the original tale.  

So, me fadder and his buddy, and me buddy and me were in da woods caribou hunting out east in newfoundland when the by'es decided dey wuz gonna go across da bog and scope out a spot where the caribou usually hangs. Me and me buddy decided to stay in da truck and listen to beats. Anyway, da fadders took ferever and it was so long that we got board and turned on de radio. Dat wus our biggest mistake. Drained the truck battery we did. Shit outta luck. So, neeedless to say I wuz shit baked fadder would get pissed. Picture me now, plad jacket, coveralls, and rubber boots. We were 35k in on a MUDDY ol road just nort of Corner Brook (were yer wife has raced tri's - saw her crash once. Sum bloody dat wuz) and the best ting I could tink of wuz run out over de dirt road and see if I could make it out to da highway and flag down another feller in truck who wuz newfie enough to come on in and give us a boost before faddier came back. I didn't make it in time. I did the run, took me tree hours, and I did find us a newfie of a feller, but by the time we got back in over da muddy dirt road fadder wuz back. My son, some arse slapping I got. So Adam, let me tell ya dis, If i had a pair of dem deer runners, I can guarantee, next time I gotta go running 35k over an old logging road, i wont have to use me rubber boots la. What'a say? Trade ya a caribou steak for em?!

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