Sunday, August 26, 2012

Scene on the run

I'm up at Whistler for a week or so and have been enjoying getting up into the higher stuff on healthy legs. It's a pleasure to have (almost) carefree movement again. I can feel myself getting stronger every run and I'm gaining confidence in my ability again. The athlete ego is a fragile thing.

Anyway, here's a selection from my evening run today. I blazed up to Wedgemont lake, a tough little slog. I played around on the glacier for a bit, but didn't venture too high on it. The surrounding peaks are beautiful and tempting, but I wasn't properly equipped to tackle them and don't know the exact routes to take, so they'll have to wait for another visit.
I was finally able to really bomb a long downhill, so I'm guaranteed to be super sore tomorrow, but another run high up should sort that out. I've been getting a good reminder recently that long runs really are a panacea of sorts for me. They help my body recalibrate after being dysfunctional for so long, and anyone who's spend time in the alpine can understand all the other therapeutic effects that come along with it.

I finished my day by eating dinner in the park and caught a free Michael Franti concert. There was a great vibe going on and it made for a wonderful end to the day
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Melanie sakowski said...

I was at the Franti Concert too in Whistler at Wanderlust, I ran the 5 Peaks trail race that morning it was fantastic, did you run it too?