Monday, August 20, 2012

Island Alpine & other running

I've been back on Vancouver Island since I returned from Europe and have been letting my body heal with extensive treatment. Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly increasing my mileage and have done a few harder runs.

I raced the 1/2 marathon (23+/- kms) at the Arc'teryx Squamish 50 last weekend and had a decent day. I was looking to run a harder effort, but didn't want to hurt my leg, so I took it easy on the flats and downhills, which have been bothering me recently and worked the uphills a bit harder. It was a hot day, but I was able to run steady enough to win, which always feels good and the running in Squamish is some of the best singletrack that I've ever run on.
It was great to pin on a race number and to catch up friends. Gary & Geoff did a great job organizing the event and they created a challenging race course that showed off some of Squamish's finest trails. It's definitely a race worth doing in Canada's "adventure sports capital."

by Arc'teryx

by Jude Ultra

by David McColm

On Friday, I was leafing through my copy of Island Alpine and decided that I had to get back to the high country. I settled on Mount Arrowsmith & Mount Cokely, because I hadn't explored any of the southern Island peaks.
I ran from Lake Cameron, up the old CPR trail to Mount Cokely, then traversed down the saddle and over to Mount Arrowsmith, traversing across the massive. It was a bit scrambly in places and involved some exposed climbing. It maybe wasn't the smartest thing to do on my own without any gear, but I had been craving an adventure and this satiated that need.
I ended up being out for almost 8 hours, with a 2 hour plus drive on either end of that. It made for a long, but deeply satisfying day.
I brought the cellphone along and took way too many pictures of myself. My glasses are also super reflective, so I did a great job of capturing my hand snapping away.

books have useful info in them
classic island singletrack
wonder if this is edible?
bumps make for fun scrambling

other side of the bumps

fresh water
the massive traverse
classic alpine shot on a sunny day

Island view

Cameron lake. I started the day here and ended with a dip. 

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