Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A need to run

Running can feel like an obligation at times, especially when I'm preparing for a race, but there are other times, which happen much more frequently, when I'm overtaken by a simple desire to move. This short video reminded me that, as humans, we have an innate desire to move and explore our surroundings and running is a simple and perfect outlet to satisfy that need. This desire can push us to amazing feats, like running across Patagonia on an impulse, with little, or no run training as skier/mountaineer Cornelia Zamernik did last year. In her words:

"It became a spontaneous idea, with very little preparations. I decided to run across windy Patagonia, 168 kilometers (...) by myself, following the old Patagonian railway called La Trochita.(...) Running La Trochita by myself was a psychological and physical experiment. Moving by foot, running while being on my limit(...) I came home with a great experience, but very difficult to share with others who haven't been there."

El Cuentista - A different way from Jacob Slot on Vimeo.


In unrelated news, I have an interview in the inaugural Trail Running Canada online magazine, at pages 23-25. Congrats to Jonathan for getting the magazine off the ground, not an easy feat and best of luck to him with it as he moves forward. I look forward to reading accounts of some of the great runs, races and runners from across Canada's muddy, rocky and snowy places in the pages of upcoming issues.


Schmidty said...

Great video. Amazing landscape.

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