Monday, February 27, 2012

February Contest--week 3 entries

Here are the final Arc'teryx contest submissions for February. Thank you once again to everyone who played along and shared tales, pictures and videos of your various global adventures on two feet. There's been some great diversity of entries and it just reinforces my perception of how lucky we are to be able to experience our surroundings on the run. It won't be easy to pick a winner.

Remember, this contest will run all year, with a different Arc'teryx prize up for grabs each month, so please keep the submissions coming. I'll announce the winner of this month's contest on Thursday.



James Eilers
On my road trip from Houston, TX to San Diego I took the scenic route which ended up taking me down the Apache Trail through some beautiful canyons heading into Phoenix. I stopped at one of the campgrounds along the narrow cliff-hanging roads to take in some of the scenery and get my feet in the dirt.

Christopher Harris

Hello this is a photo of myself taking a quick photo break while trail running up Sharp Top Mountain here in Bedford and Amherst County Virginia. (As you figured the mountain is on the county line). The weather was excellent that day and we made great time, summiting in a little over an hour as I recall. The summit altitude of the mountain is a little over 4000 feet and has magnificent 360° views. We saw several skittish deer during our run. Overall it was a great run and Sharp Top remains as one of my favorite places to trail run!

Audrey Giles

Here’s my submission entitled “Strange things done in the midnight sun.”

The photos were taken right by Kluane National Park on the dirt path/optimistically named road to Silver City (an abandoned mining town) in the Yukon. The photos were taken by my twin sister, Sarah Giles, while a friend drove our rental car. I had them let me off 9km from where we were staying so that I could get a run in that evening (yup, it’s evening – it is land of the midnight sun, after all). They then proceeded to blast all my favourite running tunes from the car (see photo 6569), taunt me, critique my running form, and act like ill-behaved paparazzi for every inch of the 9km run through some of the most gorgeous scenery our country has to offer. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It may not be the sort of trail that you want for your contest, but I think that the remoteness and general awesomeness of it should meet your criteria!


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