Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Story told in images

Since I missed Mike & Dakota's epic battle, I have to follow along via video. Luckily the Endurables were there to capture some of it in this solid little clip:

As for me, here are some images from the day provided by Emma Garrard / Salomon

Some of my pics from life on a houseboat:

(our abode)

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Kix said...

Congratulations on a great run Dec.3 in San Francisco. I saw you at TNF store package pickup - you were being filmed and I was behind you (fellow Canadians). We cheered very loudly for you at the finish! I too learned a valuable lesson that day - I let a bunch of little things that went wrong mess with my head. I could not turn it around and was miserable. I let it ruin my day. I hope to go back next year finish my "unfinished" business. Have great holidays and enjoy some much earned rest! It was very inspiring to meet you.